Going Green now days seems to be one of the main platforms and focus of hospitality industry in America
and around the World. Everyday more people try to practice using more environmentally friendly products and
services wherever they can.

In today’s world, consumers are more alert in regards to environmental issues that are going on around them
such as changes in global warming, extreme droughts, rise in oceans level, etc. This higher level of awareness
is encouraging consumers to be more selective and choose products and services that are more
environmentally friendly. Choosing a hotel for their next stay is no exception to the rules.

“ion Water Management co.” just finished up “Earth Day Texas 2016”, unveiling a revolutionary invention in
water conservation field by introducing our Smart LED Showerhead. A must have showerhead that would help
every individual to manage their shower time more effectively and conserve more water and energy than ever

     We would like to take this opportunity and introduce our Smart LED Showerhead to the entire hospitality
industry. This American ingenuity “Smart LED Showerhead” will help your guest to conserve water and energy
while providing them with an exceptional & memorable LED shower experience. The concept (patent pending) is
a simple but highly effective way of standardizing and better managing our shower time to conserve water.
These showerheads would compliment your existing bathroom and would add a touch of elegance due to their
design and structure. Perhaps the positive visual effect that your guest experience during their shower,  would
be the reason to distinguish your Hotel from all others when it comes to recommending it to someone else.
Together we can make a difference, this is a right step toward going green and helping our environment while at
the same time it would save money on water and electric bill from day one that it is being used and followed.
The main focus of these showerheads is to establish a benchmark and standardize our shower time.  For every
minute that the consumers shorten their shower time by using these products, they will conserve between 2 –
2.5 gallons of clean & fresh water. This invention is 4 to 5 times more effective than its low flow showerhead
competitor that is trying to reduce the water flow from 2.5 GPM to 2.0 GPM conserving only 0.5 gallons per
     These showerheads will visually guide the consumers through a built-in 3-stage time controlled with LED
lights (stage 1=White LED for 5 minutes, stage 2=Blue LED for 2 minutes, stage 3=Red LED f
rom there on) to
better manage their shower time. These showerheads are easy to install, requires no battery and are extremely
effective in setting a standard guideline for consumers to follow and conserve water. Hotels could display the
shower guidelines on their door hangers just like the one used for towels and linens or include a guideline card
with their key envelops or basically print it anywhere they think it would have the most effective display. Please
visit our product page for more detailed information on how these showerheads work or contact us direct:

Bulk Ordering & prices:
Bulk Ordering Phone: 214-607-8438
ion Water Management co.

We are looking forward to a mutual cooperation that would result in a win/win situation for everyone.  As we
always say:
“Every Drop Count”
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Door Hanger or Shower Hanger
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Room's Key Envelope
Inform Your Guest to GO GREEN