Our Goals

Have you ever wondered what should be an average shower time? What are the best
practices when it comes to managing your shower time?, Should you shampoo your hair first
or should you use soap and body wash first?.  
Here at “ion Water Management”, we searched many places to find a common practice or
perhaps some kind of uniform answer, but came up empty handed. Every article, comments,
blogs, opinions, etc. that we found was pointing in all which direction, so as it appears there
are no standards or any guidelines when it comes to bath shower time and practices. If you
think about it the issue is much bigger than it appears, even in one of the "Sienfeld Show"
episodes “Kramer” is trying to address this issue and ask Sienfeld to show him what he was
doing wrong or better said what is the right way of showering and how long should it last.
After many interviews with people from all walks of life and crunching all statistical data we
could find, finally we came up with an acceptable result.  

Considering our main goal is to conserve water, our shower time formula consists of the
following process (This process currently has been submitted for patent protection). These
“Smart LED Showerheads” have been designed to help people to follow a visual guidelines,
by breaking it down into three different color (White, Blue and Red, we had to be patriotic too)
code stages in order to better manage their shower time. These unique Showerheads uses
LED lights in conjunction with time required for each stage.

Stage one begins as soon as the water starts to flow through the Showerhead and a White
LED light will come on and stay on for next Five minutes. This is the main showering part that
one should use to shampoo their hair, use body wash and etc. Anytime you can complete
your shower within the first stage (White LED Light period), it makes you a great Samaritan
and well within water conservation usage range.
Stage two will begin once the shower time passes the first five minutes and the light would
automatically changes from White to Blue for the next two minutes. This stage is designed to
encourage you that, it is time to complete the shower and yet stay within an acceptable water
conservation usage range.
Stage three will begin once the shower time exceeds beyond the first seven minutes and the
light would automatically change from Blue to Red. This stage is designed to persuade you of
completing your shower. There is no time limit with this stage.
We understand the time it takes to complete a shower varies for different people, however by
having a constant visual reference; the “Smart LED Showerheads” will provide enough
motivation to stay within water conservation usage range. Once again the “Smart LED
Showerheads” functionalities are based on encouraging people not to be wasteful and
conserve water anywhere they can. As we always say “Every Drop Counts”

Our Mission

Here at “ion Water Management”, we are true believers in educating ourselves as well as
others on issues regarding Water Conservation and ways to improve it.  Our goal is to
introduce & provide products that would help with Water Conservation and establish a base
line methodology on how to safeguard our precious Clean Water.
Most people are visual and follow a basic rule of paying attention to what they see, that is one
major reason why we have so many signs on our street, top of the buildings, inside our
businesses and so on. These signs are a constant reminder of the message they are trying to
pass on to their viewers.
The Smart LED Showerhead is no exception to the rules, it uses three different colors of
“White”, “Blue” and “Red” to accomplish it’s message. This product not only meets but to
exceeds the EPA 1992 showerheads regulation of water usage of 2.5 GPM however it’s true
power come in its design. These Smart LED Showerheads are following a suggested shower
time guideline by displaying three different light colors for each stage of this methodology.
The Showerhead will emit a white LED color as soon as the water starts to flow through it and
will last for 5 minutes.  This white LED color is a great reminder for those whom trying to
proactively conserve water and energy by limiting their shower time within the white LED light
time period.
Once the shower time passes the first 5 minutes, the Smart LED Showerhead will
automatically switch to blue LED light for the next 2 minutes. This Blue LED light is designed
to remind us that, the shower time is still within acceptable water conservation usage guideline
but it is time to complete the shower within this blue LED light time period.
If the shower time extend beyond the first 7 minutes, the Smart LED Showerhead will
automatically switch to red LED light, indicating the shower time is now passed the suggested
average time and is no longer within water conservation guideline range.
Here at “ion Water Management” we understand the required shower time is not the same for
everyone and the time it take for different people to complete their shower varies. However
the idea is to establish a general shower time baseline and try to standardize it. The Smart
LED Showerhead will help achieving this goal through a visual LED light reference to assist us
with our shower time-management. The Smart LED Showerhead will continually provide a soft
LED light color as a reminder of how well we are doing in our water conservation effort, as we
always say. “Every drop counts”.
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