Smart LED Showerheads that can save you Money
on both, Water and Energy bills

ion Water Management has introduced an ingenious concept (patent
pending) to help everyone conserve water and energy. This simple but
effective concept has been incorporated into these Smart LED
Showerheads that cycle through three different stages with a White,
Blue and Red LED lights to inform the users on their shower time
duration and water usage status.
It is unclear to most and for that matter there are no official authority
guideline as to how long a shower should last. People basically step in
their shower area everyday without even thinking or knowing about,
how long their shower should last. Every extra minute that we spend
under shower is one minute of clean water that goes down the drain
and along with it our money to pay for the water and energy bill.

Here are the three simple and effective stages utilized in our
showerheads to help us to better control and manage our shower time.

Stage 1 is represented by White color LED and would last for five
minutes, adequate for those with active mind on how to conserve water
and energy.

Stage 2 is represented by Blue color LED that would immediately and
automatically follow at the end of stage 1. This Blue color LED would
last for two minutes. This stage 2 is best described as the stage to
complete the shower while still complying with water conservation effort.

Stage 3 is represented by Red color LED that would immediately and
automatically follow at the end of stage 2. This Red color LED would
stay on until the shower user complete their activities and cuts off the
water source. The selection of Red color LED for final stage has such
a powerful effect on people’s subconscious that it encourages them to
complete their shower activities and cut off the water as soon as they
can to conserve water and energy.
Every Drop Counts
By installing these American ingenuity Showerheads and following its
simple guideline, you will be actively participate in the American water
conservation effort. This is a win/win situation that everyone would
benefit from it. You would save money on your water and energy bill
the moment you start using your Smart LED Showerhead and follow
the recommended three stages.

We need everyone to participate, carrying the water conservation
torch and pass it on to the next person until every household in
America and around the globe is using these Smart LED Showerheads.
The less water that is being wasted, the more will stay in our lakes.
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